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Internet Against Darkness: Join the first flash mob of the #ЦветПротивТьмы campaign

The NAM has announced an indefinite action #ЦветПротивТьмы (ColorAgainstDarkness). We want to bring white back into the life of Belarusians: in clothes, on the streets, online — everywhere. And we start with white in our social networks.

We propose:

1) Change your avatar on social networks to a white square or to a photo in white clothes.

2) Post a white square or rectangle on social media with the tag #ЦветПротивТьмы.

3) Take and post on social media a photo wearing white clothes, on a white background and or with other white elements with the tag #ЦветПротивТьмы. Make white a regular colour for your social media photos.

Join the perpetual #ЦветПротивТьмы campaign. All information about the campaign is collected on, where you can not only find out about new flash mobs, but also share your ideas.

Let us dispel the darkness together!

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