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Victory Day will be ours

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Victory Day will be ours: Let us celebrate May 9 together in the streets of Belarusian cities

Victory Day is a common holiday for all Belarusians, and no authorities, especially those
illegitimate ones, who unleashed a war against their own people, will be able to deprive us of it. May 9 will be our day, and we, the children and grandchildren of the victors, will spend it with dignity and pride in the streets of Belarusian cities, which our heroic forefathers once cleansed of the "brown plague". We will commemorate and pay tribute to both the participants in the Great Patriotic War and the modern-day fighters against fascism.

This is how we, free Belarusians, will spend this Victory Day:

  • we will go out to places permitted for mass festivities during daylight hours;
  • for our own safety, we will leave the national symbols at home. Its absence, white clothing and accessories, as well as the bright faces and smiles on them, will be our designation;
  • Those of us who will be out of town on May 9 will visit the nearest memorial site and lay flowers — white and red, of course.

We will give you the rest of the details on the eve of Victory Day, May 8.

If the dictator and his henchmen try to prevent us from celebrating Victory Day, they will only prove their status as occupiers of our land. If they start detaining and beating peaceful Belarusians, they will confirm to the people and to the world their status of the fascists of our days.

76 years ago the Belarusians defeated fascism — they will defeat it now. This Victory Day will be ours. We will meet in the streets!

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