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Nestle criticized for advertising on Belarusian state TV

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Human rights activists urge the company to stop working with propagandists

The main thing is from the material of one of the most authoritative newspapers in Germany FAZ and an open letter from Libereco, Freedom House and fifty other non-governmental organizations.

The material of the German newspaper FAZ is called "Nescafe for a dictator":

  • "Nestle places more advertisements on Lukashenka’s propaganda channels than any other Western company. This directly supports the regime ";

  • "Belarusian state television is one of the pillars of Lukashenka’s regime. State channels broadcast 'confessions' of detained civil society representatives in order to spread fear and suppress ";

  • "The fact that Western corporations, such as the Swiss Nestle, continue to advertise on Belarusian propaganda channels, is outrageous."

From an open letter from non-governmental organizations:

  • "Nestle, like other Western companies, should immediately stop advertising in the Belarusian state media. The brand should no longer be an accomplice to the crimes of the Lukashenka’s regime ";

  • "We warmly welcome the decision of the European Broadcasting Union [to suspend Belteleradiocompany’s membership in the organization] and expect Nestlе to do the same: distance itself from the criminal regime."

The NAM supports the calls of non-governmental organizations and stands for the complete suspension of any relations with the illegitimate government and related structures.

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