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Helm AG suspends the purchase of products from Grodno Azot

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"Yara, take an example — this is how responsible companies behave". Pavel Latushka — on the termination of cooperation of German Helm AG with Grodno Azot

Photo: "Strike of Azot"

The German company Helm AG said in a letter to Grodno Azot’s Stachkom that it is terminating cooperation with the Grodno plant. It is reported that Helm AG is a buyer of 10% of the Belarusian company’s annual output. A representative of the German company said in a letter that further cooperation is possible, but only after an assessment of compliance with occupational safety conditions.

— The German company’s decision is an example of a conscious decision in cooperation with Belarusian state-owned companies. It is important that Helm AG heard the voice of the people of Belarus. It is a powerful signal to all state-owned enterprises — repressions have to stop. Yara, take an example — this is how responsible companies behave. "Belaruskali" continues to pressurize the workers and fail to respect their rights. The Norwegian company has the power to stop it," Pavel Latushka is convinced.

Helm AG’s decision is a reaction to a letter from Grodno Azot’s Stachkom and the diaspora, which was supported by democratic forces: the Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya team and the National Anti-Crisis Management.



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