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IMF should exclude Belarus from the list of applicants with the right to borrow while Lukashenka is in power

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Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka addressed the Managing Director, Board of Governors and Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund with an appeal:

1) Deny the illegitimate government of Belarus the right to borrow anything from the IMF.

2) To issue an official statement on the suspension of access to IMF funds for the Lukashenka’s regime, due to its illegitimacy.

The reason for the appeal was the upcoming issue of SDR (Special Drawing Rights), in which Belarus has its own quota along with other IMF member countries.

"The quota that the illegitimate leadership of the country claims, will be used to continue financing repression and terror."

In his address, Pavel Latushka stressed the main reasons why the IMF needs to end any cooperation with the Lukashenka regime:

— non-recognition of the legitimacy of the Belarusian leadership by most of the IMF member countries;

— Resolution of the European Parliament of June 10, 2021 and the appeal of the European Parliament to the IMF and EU member states "under no circumstances to provide direct budgetary support to the regime and refrain from using the special borrowing process announced for 2021";

— an act of international terrorism committed by the Lukashenka’s regime on May 23, 2021 — the hijacking of a Ryanair civilian aircraft using the air force.

The NAM position was also set out in letters that we sent to the Executive Director and Managing Director of the IMF.

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