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Sign the petition for derecognition of Lukashenka and his government

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Sign the petition for derecognition of Lukashenka and his government in order to block them access to the IMF resources and accelerate the fall of the dictatorship!

The well-known Belarusian activist from the USA Masha Zabara launched a petition calling on foreign politicians to officially declare the derecognition of Lukashenka and his government.

In the petition, Masha Zabara calls on the Foreign Ministries of 41 countries, the US State Department, the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as on the pro-Belarusian caucuses in the US Congress and the British Parliament. She urges them to unanimously make a fundamental political decision not to recognize Lukashenka and his government since they lost the right to represent the Belarusian people in the international arena.

This decision would make it possible to deprive the Lukashenka regime of access to the IMF resources, as well as to put him in complete political, diplomatic and economic isolation. This would provide the most effective support for the Belarusians striving for democratic transformations.

For our part, we are pleased to see that the campaign initiated by the National Anti-Crisis Management for depriving the regime of access to the IMF resources is getting more and more support.

We express our deep gratitude to the brave Belarusian and encourage everyone to sign Masha Zabara’s petition and to tell friends about it.

Link to the petition (for users from Belarus — only with VPN)

Together we will achieve our common goal!

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