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The NAM Digest: June 28 - July 11

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"People's Constitution", a week of Belarusian culture, the Free Belarus Museum and ways to fight the dictatorship for every supporter of change

With the participation of the NAM, a campaign has started on the nationwide writing and submission to a referendum of the draft Constitution. The management team supported the International Week of Belarusian Culture and announced the creation of the Museum of Free Belarus. Together with the citizens, we continue to exert all-round economic pressure on the Lukashenka’s regime. These and other news are in our traditional summary.

We will not stop our fight against the dictatorship, and here’s what you can do right now:
— join the campaign "People's Constitution": register on the platform *Honest choice through the chat bot in Telegram and Viber and send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission;
— to synchronize the internal economic pressure on the regime with international sanctions;
— to share with us the information you know about the attempts of companies and individuals that have come under the sanctions to avoid them;
— write a letter to the IMF with a call to deprive Lukashenka’s regime of access to the fund’s funds;
— to help the democratic movement through the DigitalSolidarity platform.

People’s Constitution

The Lukashenka’s regime is preparing a draft constitution behind closed doors and plans to create the illusion of its legitimacy through a constitutional referendum. We do not yet know what changes to the Constitution will be proposed to us, but we already understand that they will be aimed not at the good of the people, but at serving the dictatorship.

We must and will resist this. The community of *Honest people, with the participation of the united democratic forces, including the NAM, launched the "People's Constitution" campaign on the platform *Honest Choice. The main goal of this campaign is to ensure the submission to the republican referendum of the draft Basic Law that will work for citizens, and not for the regime.

People’s Constitution

As part of the "People's Constitution" campaign, the whole country will write its own draft of the Basic Law on the basis of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, prepared by the Public Constitutional Commission. We will hold public and expert discussions, as well as popular votes on certain provisions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, finalize it and seek its presence in the referendum.

To do this, we all need to send appeals to the Constitutional Commission right now, demanding that our draft Constitution be submitted to a future plebiscite. To do this, register on the platform *Honest choice via the chatbot in Telegram and Viber and follow its instructions. It is simple, safe and beneficial for the future of Belarus.

Week of Belarusian culture

The NAM supported the initiative of the Belarusian Rada of Culture to hold the International Week of Belarusian Culture on July 5−11. Thematic events were held in many countries of the world, and with the support of the NAM in Warsaw and other cities of Poland, a number of concerts, theatrical performances and other activities dedicated to the culture of our people took place.
The head of the NAM Pavel Latushka opened the International Week of Belarusian Culture in the Polish capital. And the NAM team read out on video one of the most iconic poems for Belarusians — "And who is coming?" Yanka Kupala — against the backdrop of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, illuminated in the colors of our national — white-red-white — flag.

Museum Free Belarus

The NAM announced the launch of a project to create the Free Belarus Museum and the beginning of a collection of exhibits. We are looking for documents and artifacts related to the protest movement in Belarus in 2020−2021: from letters from political prisoners, leaflets and posters to flags and bulletins. The project has already been supported by the Belarusian Rada of Culture and the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Fund. We also sent applications with a request to contribute to its development to the International Committee of Memorial Museums in Memory of Victims of Public Crime and the International Council of Museums.

The Free Belarus Museum will start working in Warsaw, and after the victory over the dictatorship, we will move it home. In addition, we will digitize the exhibits and open an online version of the Museum. If you have potential exhibits, please contact us via the @NAUsupport chatbot.

External economic pressure

The NAM continues campaign aimed at depriving Lukashenka’s regime of access to IMF resources, including special drawing rights worth over $ 1 billion. Many caring Belarusians have already joined it and have sent letters to the fund’s management in support of these demands.

In addition, we are not stopping work to end the cooperation of the Norwegian company Yara with Belaruskali. The Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway, Iselin Nyubo, said in response to our appeal that the country’s officials are not represented in the Yara administration and cannot directly influence such a decision. The NAM, however, insisted that the Norwegian state join the sectoral sanctions and, moreover, strengthened them by introducing a complete ban on the import of potash fertilizers from Belarus.

Appeal to the chairmen of the advocates associations.

Mikhail Kirilyuk, responsible for justice issues at the NAM, addressed in an open letter to the Chairman of the Republican Advocates Association Viktor Chaichits and the Chairman of the Minsk Regional Advocates Association Irina Smirnova. The appeal was a response to the demand for Mikhail to return the lawyer’s certificate.

In his letter, the NAM member pointed out that all the advocates associations in Belarus de facto are not associations, and Viktor Chaychits and Irina Smirnova not only did not fulfill their professional duty, but forbade lawyers to tell the media about crimes against the Belarusian people and promoted the policy of illegitimate government. Summing up, Mikhail Kirilyuk called on the named officials to immediately leave their posts, including as a sign of solidarity with the lawyers and their clients illegally deprived of their status.

Rehabilitation of victims of political repression.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s team has prepared an Act on Release from Liability and Restoration of Rights to Persons Persecuted for Political Motives. The document, which is consistent with the Concept of Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression of the NAM, details the solution of the priority issue: the release of those arrested and serving sentences "for politics".

According to the Act, all those convicted and accused for political reasons will be released from May 8, 2020, those who have served arrest under the "political" articles of the Administrative Code will receive compensation, and those dismissed "for politics" will be reinstated in their jobs. Moreover, any of these people will be able to participate in the new presidential elections as a candidate. The act will come into force immediately after it is signed by the leader of Belarus during the transition period. The NAM, in turn, continues to work on a rehabilitation project in order to restore justice in the country with the arrival of a legitimate government.

The NAM is looking for employees.

The NAM announced a search for new employees who will help the team fight the Lukashenka’s regime and ensure stability in the country during the transition period. We need specialists in the field of economics and law — in particular:

  • specialist in financial analysis of the economy of the country / industry / enterprise;
  • specialist in the field of state budgetary policy;
  • specialist in the field of macroeconomics, management of budgetary resources of the republican and local budgets;
  • lawyers, attorneys, or law firms that are capable and willing to file and pursue a case under universal jurisdiction.

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship in Belarus is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:

  • support the People’s Constitution campaign by registering on the *Honest Choice platform and submitting an appeal to the Constitutional Commission;

  • continue their personal sanctions against the regime: withdraw and convert money from cards into currency, take a deposit from the bank, refrain as much as possible from using a personal car, tobacco and alcohol, not to make expensive purchases;

  • tell us about the attempts of companies and individuals on the EU sanctions list to avoid restrictions;

  • donate any amount to the democratic movement in Belarus through the DigitalSolidarity app (for Android and iOS)

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