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Diaspora of the USA launches a petition to deprive the regime of access to IMF funds

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The NAM campaign on the IMF is finding more and more like-minded people: The Belarusians of the United States, who have been working on an open appeal to their senators and congressmen for the past few weeks have turned to us for information support.

As a reminder, on June 12, the NAM initiated a campaign to oppose the provision of financial assistance to the regime from the IMF. As part of the campaign, we sent public appeals and a number of letters to the management of the fund demanding:

— recognize the current head of the National Bank Pavel Kallaur and Finance Minister Yuri Selivestrov as illegitimate representatives of Belarus in the IMF (recall that 56% of the fund’s member countries do not recognize Lukashenka and his government as legitimate);

— not to transfer to the illegitimate government the allocated quota of special drawing rights, saving these funds for New Belarus (we are talking about an amount of over $ 1 billion).

We are convinced that the humanitarian goals pursued by the IMF (funds are allocated to restore the economies of the participating countries from the consequences of COVID-19) should not be used to support an illegitimate regime. And not only we think so.

Recently, the Belarusians of the United States, which carried out similar work on the IMF, launched an open appeal to senators and congressmen. The authors of the appeal ask the authorized representatives of the United States to the IMF to use their voice in support of a free, democratic and sovereign Belarus and not allow the illegitimate Lukashenka regime to gain access to the IMF funds.

This appeal has absolutely legal basis, since the Democracy Act calls on US representatives in supranational financial organizations to resist the distribution of any financial assistance to the Lukashenka’s regime by these institutions.

We welcome and support the initiative of the American diaspora. After all, the votes of the electorate in the United States are one of the most effective and efficient levers in the fight against dictatorship.

Link to appeal

* The message was prepared at the request of the Belarusian diaspora in the USA

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