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The regime will cut one in five cultural workers by the end of the year

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The NAM source: authorities want to lay off one in five employees of cultural organisations by the end of the year

On 15 April, International Culture Day, the illegitimate authorities have congratulated people in their own way. Today, the Ministry of Culture held the first of its planned meetings on "the optimisation of the number of cultural organisations and the reduction of staff units". According to the information handed over to the National Anti-Crisis Management, a 20% "optimisation" is planned by the end of 2021.

In fact, this means that one in five cultural workers, of whom there are over 65,500 in the country, will be out of work.

The last time such a massive reduction in the number of cultural workers took place was in 2013−2014, when the authorities 'optimised' 20% of the staff of organisations. As a rule, institutions in villages and small towns suffer the most from such cuts. Experts estimate that at least 25% of rural cultural institutions have closed over the past 20 years.

According to the NAM, similar cuts in budgetary institutions have been communicated by the illegitimate government to other social ministries (education, social protection, sports and so on).

This confirms once again that the illegitimate authorities are looking for any ways to save money: including at the expense of depriving Belarusians of their income. It should be noted that the salaries of cultural workers are among the lowest in the country. In 2020, the salary of a cultural worker was only 55.3% of the average salary in Belarus.

The regime is blunt — not only does it not care about laws; it does not care about culture. The dictator only cares about keeping his power: by any means necessary.

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