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Freedom for Roman Protasevich

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Freedom for Roman Protasevich: Write to European and American politicians to help save the journalist

Yesterday, in an act of state terrorism, the Belarusian regime captured Raman Protasevich, a journalist and editor of the largest telegram channels. Roman has already been recognised by human rights activists as a political prisoner. He faces up to 15 years of imprisonment in his homeland.

You can influence the further fate of our compatriot who has long risked his freedom for the future of Belarus. Write a message to the politicians of the European Union and the USA with a demand:

1) Take all possible measures for the immediate release of Roman Protasevich;

2) Investigate the interception and forced landing of a Ryanair civilian aircraft, one of whose passengers was Roman, using military aviation on Lukashenka’s personal order;

3) Prohibit any civil, transport and military aircraft from flying over Belarus, as well as from receiving Belarusian aircraft until Roman’s release;

4) Urgently approve the 4th package of sanctions against those responsible for the repression of the Belarusian people, as well as the companies they own or manage, the beneficiaries of which they are;

5) Initiate the development of the 5th package of sanctions, listing the companies involved in the hijacking of the Ryanair aircraft and the kidnapping of Roman Protasevich.

Detailed instructions and examples of comments can be found here

This is not all that can be done to save Roman Protasevich and end Lukashenka’s terror. We will be back soon with an expanded list of actions from the NAM team.

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