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In loving memory of Vitold Ashurak

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Let’s light candles in our windows and continue the fight against darkness

Yesterday Vitold Ashurak, a worthy son of the Belarusian land, democratic activist and patriot, died. One of those, who could have been and should have been building the New Belarus. Political prisoner, whom the criminal regime has sentenced to 5 years of jail behind the closed doors.

Vitold is gone — but the light of such people will never fade. This simple truth is beyond the comprehension of the darkness that killed him, but this truth is understood by us — by those of us who wish good to our country and our people, who are ready for personal actions, who will continue Vitold’s deed at any cost.

All of us, those who will never allow the evil to prevail, let us honour Vitold Ashurak. Let us remind evil that its days are numbered. Let us remind each other that dawn is near.

Tonight, at 10 p.m., we will light candles in the windows of our homes. Let us think of Vitold and all those who gave their life, freedom, health, well-being, so that Belarusians could breathe freely, so that our Belarus could have the future it deserves. We will be supported by the Belarusians all over the world, coming out with candles to the embassies of Belarus in their countries.

"I did what my conscience demanded", were such simple, yet so comprehensive words of Vitold Ashurak.

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