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The NAM team is looking for lawyers and economists

The NAM team consists of 27 specialists in various fields who were forced to leave Belarus and are working to bring our common victory closer. We seek economic sanctions, the release of political prisoners, an end to repression, the international isolation of the regime, the criminal responsibility of its representatives and the holding of new, fair elections.

And we need more people — to quickly bring the common victory of the Belarusian people closer. Who do we need?


1) Specialist in financial analysis of the economy of the country / industry / enterprise. We need a person who knows how to search and analyze information, and then prepare a conclusion on the actual state of the economy.

2) A specialist in the field of state budget policy: from understanding, shaping and executing the structure to analyzing and promising proposals.

3) Specialist in the field of macroeconomics, management of budgetary resources of the republican and local budgets. With the skills of working in the field of managing state assets of the republican form of ownership and circulation of state bonds. Knowledge of English, experience of study or internship in a specialty abroad is desirable.


Lawyers, attorneys, or law firms that are capable and willing to file and pursue a case under universal jurisdiction. Interested in lawyers in any country that has signed the convention against torture. First of all, we are looking for lawyers who have relevant experience, or those who specialize in criminal law.

We will be glad to see teams ready to work with Pro Bono, since the victims do not have a lot of funds, but this is not a prerequisite. We understand that the project is complex and non-standard, so we are ready to organize a fundraiser to pay for qualified specialists.

We have at our disposal the contacts of several victims who have identified the persons who used violence, have medical documents and evidence of an appeal to the law enforcement agencies of Belarus, and are ready to testify in foreign law enforcement agencies.

In the NAM team, you can be even more useful for building a New Belarus and use your expertise as efficiently as possible.

Contact us by e-mail or via the NAM chatbot @NAUsupport.

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