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With or without us: two scenarios of constitutional reform in Belarus

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Lukashenka is still in power. The regime continues to smash opponents, the media and civil society. Because of his crimes, Belarus is sinking more and more into isolation. "Well, what kind of Constitution is this ?!", someone exclaims in their hearts.

Such emotions are understandable. But let’s try to be objective and imagine what will happen if we all step aside from the constitutional reform, and what if we take an active part in it.

If we stay on the sidelines …

For many years the regime has been trying to make us believe in our own powerlessness, that we cannot change anything. And these days, when he realizes his illegitimacy, it also demotivates us.

If we give in, the dictatorship can relax, feel safe and confident that it can do whatever it wants with no hindrance and impunity. If we do not intervene, the regime will hold its own referendum, where it will somehow adopt its draft Constitution, replacing the will of the people with its own interests.

By adopting its draft Constitution, the regime will legitimize the total lawlessness that it organized more than a year ago. By analogy with the repressive laws that the "mad printer" of Parliament has issued in recent months.

And without understanding what the Constitution is, and its adoption by all society without exception, we will never be able to build a state governed by the rule of law.

If we act …

By participating in the constitutional reform, we will show that we want and will participate in the political life of the country. That we are a subject, not an object. That we must be reckoned with.
This is one form of our coordinated resistance to the regime. The draft Constitution can become what mobilizes Belarusians in their struggle.

Participation in constitutional reform will also increase the political literacy of the entire society. This is an opportunity for everyone to understand what the Basic Law is and why it is so important, to delve into the principles of government. This is one of the conditions for building a truly democratic state.

Legalized lawlessness or New Belarus according to the people’s Constitution? The choice is for everyone.

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