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The NAM asks to study the materials of Belteleradiocompany's involvement in torture

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The NAM has asked the European Broadcasting Union to examine materials on Belteleradiocompany’s involvement in torture

A shameful TV genre of recent months — a frightened man with signs of beatings against the background of a red-green flag repents for having dared to speak out against Lukashenka’s regime, then apologises. Sometimes the interrogation of the detainees is conducted on camera by state propagandists. The video is first published in the telegram channels of the law enforcement agencies, and then often gets on the air of the state TV channels. This includes those owned by Belteleradiocompany, a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Beating people up, forcing them to confess on camera through violence — in today’s world this is clearly interpreted as torture. Even the dissemination of such content violates human rights and ethical norms of all kinds.

A striking example is the "interrogation" of political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok, shown on Belarus 1 TV channel. The man is beaten, answers in memorised phrases, without even listening to the questions to the end, while the author of the story allows himself to mock the man who has obviously just been subjected to violence.

The NAM has asked the European Broadcasting Union to investigate materials revealing the involvement of Belteleradiocompany in torture. We have reason to believe that the NTRC channels are not just distributing inappropriate content, but, in fact, are its main clients. Lukashenka uses his media resources to intimidate the population. The intimidating picture is precisely produced for those who can distribute it as widely as possible.

How appropriate is the membership of the EBU of a company that is involved in terrorizing civilians? How appropriate is the membership of the EBU of a company that broadcasts torture on prime time, accompanied by snide comments? These are the main questions we want answered.

Earlier the question of the relevance of the membership of Belteleradiocompany in the EMU was raised by MEP Karin Karlsbro (Sweden). She drew attention to the fact that the head of NTRC Ivan Eismont is included in the EU sanctions lists and that his affiliated channels carried out reprisals against employees who refused to tolerate post-election violence.

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