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We begin an open discussion of the draft Constitution of New Belarus

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"People's Constitution": we begin open discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus

The "People's Constitution" campaign, within the framework of which the whole country will write and will seek to submit our draft Basic Law to a referendum, has entered a new stage. We invite every citizen to join the open discussion of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, which will become the basis for the people’s draft of the Constitution. We will start by analyzing its preamble.

To put it very simply, the Constitution is a set of rules that addresses two key issues:
  1. What rights are citizens always ready to guarantee to each other?
  2. With what powers do citizens want to restrict the authorities?

The preamble of the Constitution explains who, on the basis of what, with the help of what and for what purpose, decides what the answers to these questions will be. At first glance, it may seem that these are just pretentious words, but if you read the preamble thoughtfully, you will find quite specific explanations in it.

If your vision differs from that stated in the preamble of the Constitution of New Belarus, please share your opinion in the comments below its text. Unlike the officials serving the regime, the authors of the project, as well as the creators of the "People's Constitution" campaign and the platform * Honest choice, on which it takes place, will certainly take your thoughts into account.

And besides — register on the platform *Honest choice using a chat bot in Telegram or Viber and send appeals to the Constitutional Commission with the requirement to ensure the submission to a referendum of the people’s draft of the Constitution, and not just the draft that the dictatorship is preparing. You will receive all instructions through the bot after registration.

If you would like to know the details of why you need to send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission, follow this link. And here we explain in detail why it is safe to participate in the People’s Constitution campaign.

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