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"As long as the regime retains power, the torture will not stop"

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Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka — at the forum "New Belarus against torture"

"Today it is important for the whole world to understand that resolving the situation in Belarus is a test of the ability to prevent violence, torture and humiliation in the heart of Europe. The torture in Belarus did not end in August last year, it continues to this day. Everyday.

You and I have no moral right to forget this. Today the world community is faced with the question of bringing to justice those who commit these crimes in Belarus. If this does not happen, it may happen again in any other country in Europe.

We must not stop until the regime ceases to exist. We must continue to search for effective methods of combating torture in Belarus. As 26 years of experience shows, as long as Lukashenka is in power, the torture will not stop. The world community must use all legal instruments: sanctions and criminal liability in order to end the unprecedented violence against Belarusians", Pavel Latushka summed up.

At the invitation of the NAM, the forum was attended by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kara McDonald, as well as UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus, Anais Marin. Mikhail Kirilyuk, who is responsible for justice issues at the NAM, also spoke at the forum.

The online forum was held by Belarusians Abroad and Belarusian People’s Embassies with the support of the National Anti-Crisis Management as part of the Anti-Torture Week organized by the Human Rights Defenders Against Torture initiative and the International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus.

The forum lasted more than 4 hours, during which more than 20 human rights defenders, representatives of democratic forces, foreign politicians and victims of torture took part in it.

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