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Do you also sometimes think that there is something wrong with Belstat statistics? No wonder: now we will explain

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Thanks to the community *Honest people, we already know that sometimes one call from the administration is enough for a state-owned enterprise to become profitable. But the magic with numbers happens even after the data reaches Belstat.

Honest officials, with the help of the "Dialogue with the People" project, told about the main ways of distorting information by Belstat.

  1. Сonsolidation of activities — the data will not be comparable and are not available for analysis.
  2. Hiding the data of individual companies — reports of the companies on the sanctions list are not available to the executive committees, the prosecutor’s office, or the state control.
  3. Misrepresentation of primary data — making edits through administrative pressure to increase efficiency.
  4. Changing reporting forms — to increase targets through the inclusion of additional categories.

We get all this instead of honest and transparent statistics, which is mentioned in the law "On State Statistics". It says that Belstat meets the needs of society, the state and the international community for official statistical information. But even here, apparently, there is no time for laws. Although we clearly know: many honest Belarusians work in the state bodies.

Government officials can join the "Dialogue with the People" project and team up with other honest officials to help the country get out of the crisis faster.

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