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We will release everyone who was tried for political affairs ahead of time

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Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka — on the verdict for Viktor Babariko

The court sentenced Viktor Babariko to 14 years of imprisonment.

-Viktor Dmitrievich Babariko is a person who helped us all believe that changes are possible. And we must do everything to make this belief in change a reality.

Unfortunately, such a harsh sentence was expected. This is a show trial. The dictator tries to pretend that he is in control of the situation and is not afraid of anyone. But this is already largely not the case.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of truly free people behind bars now, but they simply do not exist in the circle of the dictator.

To Viktor Dmitrievich, his family, relatives and friends, supporters and everyone who wants change — our words of support from the NAM team, as well as strength and faith to continue to fight for freedom. Neither Viktor Babariko, nor other unlawfully convicted persons will have to serve the entire term. We will release everyone who was tried for political reasons.

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