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The NAM Digest: April 19 – May 2

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More ways to deprive the regime of money, a draft law on rehabilitation, discussion of the MIA for New Belarus, and forms of protest for everyone

We tell you about the NAM’s work over the past two weeks and remind you of the ways each of you can — easily and safely — bring the fall of the dictatorship and the establishment of legitimate power in Belarus.

At what stage is the action "ATM — exchange office — bank" and what is "Stop 95 petrol"? What news on external economic and political pressure on the regime? How are the NAM initiatives to rehabilitate victims of political repression and reform the MIA progressing?

Domestic economic pressure

The third phase of our "ATM — Exchange — Bank" campaign is in full swing. Belarusians are withdrawing deposits en masse, firstly, in order not to feed the regime, and secondly, to protect their money from it. The right decision, especially taking into account the state of Belarusian economy, possible limitations at the currency market, absence of guarantees for the safety of the contents of bank deposit boxes and other current realities.

We also launched the "Stop 95th gasoline" action in support of the overall "Stop Gasoline" action. It is the sale of 95th gasoline in Belarus that is most profitable to producers and the state, which is letting the earned money go to repression, so we urge drivers to call for a special boycott of this type of fuel.

External economic pressure

We continue to pursue the Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) to refuse to insure the loan for the purchase of gas turbines for BelNPP from Siemens. EKN has already frozen the deal for proceedings after the NAM appeal and coverage of the situation in the local media.
The NAM also supported the picket of workers of Belaruskali in front of the Norwegian company Yara to break relations with the company before the cessation of repression in Belarus. The NAM employees joined almost 100 thousand people who signed the petition with this demand, handed to the representative of the Norwegian Embassy in Poland Vegard Gjærum Stensrud.

External Political Pressure

The NAM head Pavel Latushka held meetings with a member of the European Parliament, former Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga and British Deputy Ambassador to Poland Jason Rheinberg. Uladzimir Astapenko, responsible for multilateral diplomacy at the NAM, in turn, discussed bilateral cooperation with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Norway to Poland Anders Eide.

Victory Day

Pavel Latushka, in his address to the Belarusians, reminded that Victory Day is a holiday of the entire nation, and urged to honor the memory of the ancestors who died in the war freely and openly. "Very soon we will have another Victory Day — the Day of Victory over the dictatorship. And we will never again allow fascism in any of its manifestations to set foot on our land," the NAM head said.

Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression

A few days ago, we began a public discussion of a draft law on the rehabilitation of victims of the illegal actions of the dictatorship, prepared by one of our subscribers. It is a document with a description of the mechanics and details of the various aspects of the rehabilitation process, which may form the basis of a real law.

Working with Officials

We submitted an Open Letter to the State Administration and an appeal to the Presidential Administration, the National Assembly, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, and the Government, demanding that they take action on the social and political crisis. About 1,700 officials signed the main demands of the Belarusian people. In addition, the NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich urged the employees of the state apparatus to block the signing of new repressive laws by the dictator.

Militia for New Belarus

Experts and journalists from Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, the United States, and other countries discussed the NAM’s project to reform the MIA. The NAM representatives outlined the key areas of reform — decentralization, demilitarization, depoliticization, and public control — while foreign guests spoke about the achievements and failures of police reforms in post-Soviet states, which should be taken into account in the New Belarus.

Time to act together!

Each of you can bring the day of our common victory closer. We suggest that you:
  • To honour your ancestors on May 9 with dignity, openness, and freedom.
  • Make sure you have carried out all three steps of the campaign "ATM-exchange-bank": you withdrew money from your cards, converted them into currency, and took your deposit.
  • ·Not to buy the 95th gasoline and ask your acquaintances not to do it.
  • Read the draft law on rehabilitation and share your opinion, and tell the victims in your circle about it.
  • Sign a memorandum in defence of the sovereignty of Belarus.
  • Look for detailed instructions at the links in the body of this post.

"Homework" for concerned citizens for the next two weeks:

— Pick up your deposit from the bank, and withdraw money from your cards and convert it to currency (if you have not already);
— Declare your personal boycott to 95 gasoline and tell your friends about the campaign;
— Study and comment on the draft law on rehabilitation of victims of political repressions;
— Sign a memorandum in defence of Belarus' sovereignty.

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