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The economy is deteriorating, workers are increasingly being laid off, and it's the regime's fault, not the sanctions

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The situation in the economy is deteriorating, workers are increasingly being laid off — and it’s the regime’s fault, not the sanctions. Nikolay Prokofiev — about the NAM’s campaign against the regime’s purchase of gas turbines

We remind you that Siemens is supplying gas turbines to BelNPP. German banks issue a loan for their purchase, and the Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) has to insure the loan. After pressure from the NAM, the diaspora, Belarusians inside the country and journalists, EKN said it was freezing the deal while further proceedings were underway. Nikolay Prokofiev, a member of the NAM economics team, told details on the "Belsat" channel.

  • The Belarusian side did not fully inform the Swedish EKN about the situation in Belarus. In theory, if the company had full information, the deal would not have initially met EKN’s standards;

  • the situation in the Belarusian economy is very unstable even without sanctions. Layoffs are on the rise, money is becoming scarce;

  • it would seem to be a simple supply of gas turbines. But let us not forget that this loan money received from German banks can still go to repression and violence. And the Belarusians will then have to pay back the loan with their taxes;

  • Only the victory of the Belarusian people can stop the wave of dismissals for political reasons. Until then, the regime will not stop repressions;

  • This is a systemic work — we monitor all transactions of the regime. We try to do everything we can to keep them from happening and the dictator has no new money for repressions. This is not the only deal we work with — it’s not all of this work can be public yet.

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