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The regime is trying to circumvent sanctions

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The regime is trying to circumvent sanctions. Explaining why this makes no sense and is illegal

We are aware that Belarusian ministries have plans to re-register sanctioned companies to fictitious entities — to circumvent sanctions laws.

1) It is a crime
Setting up bogus structures is a crime under the law of any country. Those involved should understand that.

2) It won’t help
The sanctions laws are written in such a way that they apply to all assets managed directly or indirectly by specific individuals, and it does not matter who is listed as the nominal owner (see second paragraph of the second article for details).

3) Everything will be exposed
A lot of the employees of the sanctioned enterprises are responsible citizens. They are against Lukashenka’s policies. They expect sanctions to help free Belarus. They share important information with us all the time and will not allow international law to be circumvented by machinations.

We appeal to employees of state enterprises in Belarus: do not contribute to the illegal retention of power, do not allow yourself to be drawn into dubious actions, do not make or sign documents to circumvent the law.

The authorities will change — and all illegal actions will be investigated no matter who comes to power. Those who gave you "security guarantees" for the sake of staying in power will no longer be able to guarantee anything.

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