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People's Constitution: how we will create a People's draft Constitution for the whole country

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The People’s Constitution campaign is called that way for a reason. It provides every citizen of Belarus with the opportunity to contribute to the writing and promotion of the Basic Law, which reflects the real interests of the country’s inhabitants.

All together we will create on the basis of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, developed by the Public Constitutional Commission, a people’s draft of the Constitution — and we will seek its submission to a referendum. How exactly this document will be prepared with your active participation — we will tell you in detail in our cards.

You can get acquainted with the draft Constitution of New Belarus on its official website. Registration in the campaign "People's Constitution" passes through the platform’s chatbots *Honest choice in Telegram and Viber — with their help you can not only find out the news, but also send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission demanding to consider our draft Basic Law.

You can leave your proposal or question regarding the draft Constitution of New Belarus:

A detailed algorithm for collecting and considering proposals from citizens, as well as a mechanism for making amendments to the draft Constitution of New Belarus, you can study at this link.

What are we talking about?

The Belarusians do not want their choice in the future referendum to be limited by the draft of the new Constitution of the Lukashenka regime and the ability to preserve the current Basic Law, which the dictatorship has created "for itself." We all want to see a draft Constitution in the referendum that takes into account the real interests of citizens, and we will achieve this through the People’s Constitution campaign.

The Public Constitutional Commission has developed a draft Constitution for New Belarus. On the basis of this document, citizens will create a people’s draft of the Constitution — and will demand from the illegitimate authorities to submit it to a referendum. Each of you can influence how the people’s project will look like. How? Let’s tell you now.

Collection of suggestions and questions

Every citizen of Belarus can speak up and ask a question about any section and article of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, as well as about the project as a whole. This can be done in different ways *:
  • in the comments to the project sections on the Kanstytucyja website. online, where you can also study the entire document;
  • using the chatbot of the Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Office in Telegram;
  • in comments to thematic publications in social networks of the Coordination Council, the NAM and the community *Honest people;
  • through the feedback form the profile of your delegate on the website of the platform of people’s representatives SHOD, as well as the chatbot of SHOD in Telegram;
  • in courtyard and district chats — in this case, the delegates of the SHOD initiate a discussion.

* All necessary links can be found in the text of this post.

Here are the kinds of proposals on the draft Constitution of the New Belarus that would be most useful:
  • specific formulations for articles, sections, projects in general. Best of all — in this form: the current edition of the norm + your proposed edition + your rationale;
  • well-reasoned criticism of the draft provisions in free form.

You can also ask your questions with a request to the authors of the project to justify certain approaches, formulations, inclusion and non-inclusion of certain institutions, norms and regulations in the project.

Processing citizen feedback

Proposals and questions from all platforms for feedback on the draft Constitution of New Belarus are recorded by moderators and submitted to the Public Constitutional Commission. It considers these proposals in regular meetings.

At such meetings, it is decided which proposals of citizens should be accepted and which will have to be rejected. All proposals and decisions on them, along with the justifications of the Public Constitutional Commission, are entered in a special table, access to which will be open to everyone from July 27. If you think that your proposal was rejected undeservedly, you can appeal the decision of the commission.

Popular vote

At the meetings of the Public Constitutional Commission, it is also determined which of the proposals of citizens and the provisions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus should be put to a popular vote. These are the proposals and provisions on which the authors of the project failed to develop a unified position, as well as the most controversial issues among the general public.

Questions that are put up for popular vote must:
  • reflect at least 20% of the total number of proposals at the time of the decision to put it to a vote;
  • not contradict international norms and not threaten the integrity of the existing project;
  • assume an unambiguous answer ("yes" or "no" or a choice among several options);
  • do not contain two questions in one and not be manipulative;
  • not to conflict with issues that have already been voted on.

Popular voting will take place in the chatbots of the platform * Fair choice in Telegram and Viber*. Each vote will have 5 days from the start, and you can find out about the beginning of the voting through the chatbots * of the Honest Choice, as well as on the website and all sites for feedback on the draft Constitution of New Belarus.

The options that will be chosen by the majority of the participants in the popular vote, the Public Constitutional Commission will integrate into the draft Constitution of New Belarus.

* Links to chatbots can be found in the text of this post.

Finalization of the draft Constitution

All proposals adopted at meetings and in the process of popular voting will be recorded at a joint meeting of the Public Constitutional Commission and international experts on August 28−29. On the same day, the text of the draft Constitution of New Belarus will be edited.

The issues that will remain open after the meeting will be discussed and finalized by the Public Constitutional Commission by September 30. The revised draft will be submitted for approval by the Campaign Council * and a group of independent experts, after which the Campaign Council will decide on the readiness of the document for submission to a referendum. And, finally, the project recognized as finished will become the people’s draft of the Constitution!

*The campaign council consists of members of the NAM, the Cabinet of representatives of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the Coordination Council.

Let’s write our Constitution together!

As you can see, the authors of the draft Constitution of New Belarus and the campaign "People's Constitution" have foreseen everything so that the document that we will create together is truly popular.

Join the People’s Constitution campaign:
  • register on the platform *Honest Choice where the campaign is taking place through a chat bot in Telegram or Viber;
  • following the instructions of the bot, send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission with a requirement to consider our draft Constitution for its submission to a referendum;
  • leave your suggestions and questions at any site convenient for you, follow the open sessions of the SHOD;
  • follow the news and participate in popular votes;
  • and, of course, tell your family and friends about the campaign, the draft Constitution of New Belarus and the importance of this topic for Belarus.

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