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Digest: August 29 - September 11

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News of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, meetings with Czech politicians, events at the Museum of Free Belarus and the opening of the Belarusian School in Warsaw

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The Transitional Cabinet of Belarus published its first Resolution. Pavel Latushko, head of the NAU, deputy head of the Cabinet and representative for the transit of power, held a series of meetings with politicians and officials of the Czech Republic. A Belarusian school was opened in Warsaw, where more than 150 pupils enrolled. The Museum of Free Belarus held a number of events. Details are in the cards.

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The United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus

The United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus — an Interim Executive Body of the democratic forces, created at the beginning of August at the conference "New Belarus" - has issued its first Resolution. The document "On the Protection of the Independence and Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus" declares that:

  • the restoration and protection of the sovereignty of Belarus is the initial task of the Cabinet, and independence is an indisputable value of Belarusians;
  • the presence of Russian troops in the country means its occupation, and the use — with the permission of the illegitimate and illegal government of Lukashenka — of its territory for aggression against Ukraine is a crime, including according to the Constitution;
  • the actions of the government of Lukashenka and Russia are a direct threat to the sovereignty of Belarus, and the Belarusian people have the right to review the agreements with the Russian Federation.

We recall that the head of the NAU Pavel Latushko became a Deputy Head of the Cabinet and a Representative for the transit of power.

Working with partners

Meeting of Pavel Latushko and Minister of Justice Pavel Blazek with two deputy ministers of justice Karel Dvořák and Antonín Stanislav
Meeting of Pavel Latushko and Minister of Justice Pavel Blazek with two deputy ministers of justice Karel Dvořák and Antonín Stanislav

Pavel Latushko held a series of working meetings in Prague. Here are their main results:
  • Czech Parliament Vice Speaker Olga Rikhterova and deputies of the "Friends of Free Belarus" group assured support for increased pressure on the Lukashenko regime and expanded sanctions against its representatives, and announced hearings on Belarus;
  • Minister of Justice Pavel Blazek and his deputies Karel Dvořák and Antonín Stanislav will help to investigate criminal cases against those guilty of torturing Belarusians. In addition, the Czech Ministry of Justice will consider the possibility of recognizing the KGB and GUBOPIC of Belarus as terrorist organizations;
  • Mayor of Prague Zdenek Hrib promised to promote renaming one of the streets after Roman Bondarenko, as well as holding the Congress of the Belarusians and opening the office of the Belarusian democratic forces in the Czech Republic;
  • Deputy Foreign Minister Jaroslav Kurfust, for his part, is ready to cooperate with the Foreign Policy Cabinet of Belarus, and the Czech Foreign Ministry will join in expanding the list of personal sanctions against the accomplices of Lukashenka’s crimes.

Belarusian School in Warsaw

A Belarusian school has started its work in Warsaw, the opening of which was attended by Pavel Latushko, who among other positions, used to be the Minister of Culture of Belarus. More than 150 Belarusian children enrolled in the classes, who now live in their homeland, as well as in Poland, Germany, Georgia, the USA, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, and other countries.

Professional teachers, including PhDs and professors, will introduce the children to their native language, as well as Belarusian literature, culture, art, history, and geography. The school works online, but at the same time, art clubs and studios operate at a number of Warsaw venues, including the Museum of Free Belarus.

Knowledge Day

Pavel Latushko addressed the parents of Belarusian children on the Day of Knowledge. The head of the NAU reminded that the main reason why little Belarusians can be poisoned by propaganda, because many do not know their native language and have problems with identity, and there are election falsifiers and executioners in the country — all this means a distorted history, an exterminated language, a cult of war, personality and nostalgia for Soviet times, in which Belarusianism was methodically oppressed. That is why it is so important not only to find in oneself a real Belarusian and love for the Motherland, but also to pass it on to the children.

"Know who you are. Know where you come from. And don’t let anyone make your children forget about it. After all, we are Belarusians! Therefore, you should know that Belarus lives! And that it lives forever! And let this knowledge inspire you to never give up and achieve freedom. For ourselves and for our children," Pavel Latushko emphasized.

Museum of Free Belarus

У Музеі Вольнай Беларусі, які месціцца ў Варшаве па адрасе Foksal, 11, прайшлі чарговыя мерапрыемствы. Школа беларускай традыцыйнай культуры, якая працуе на базе Музея, правяла новыя заняткі па варштатах беларускага традыцыйнага танца. Адбыліся прагляд фільма Дар'і Жук "Крышталь" у рамах фестываля "Pod wspólnym niebem" і мастацкае чытанне п’есы драматурга Віталя Карабаня, рэжысёра Андрэя Новіка і каманды Team Theatre "How are you?". Акрамя таго, у Музеі былі зладжаныя кірмаш аўтарскіх вырабаў з мастэр-класамі і насычаная імпрэза да Дня беларускай вайсковай славы пры падтрымцы Палку імя Кастуся Каліноўскага.

Анонс наступных мерапрыемстваў, якія мусяць адбыцца ў Музеі, мы апублікуем ў нашым тэлеграм-канале ў самы бліжэйшы час.

The Museum of Free Belarus, located in Warsaw at 11 Foksal, hosted a number of events. The School of Belarusian Traditional Culture, based on the Museum, held new workshops of Belarusian traditional dance. There was a screening of Daria Zhuk’s film "Crystal" within the framework of the festival "Pod wspólnym niebem" and an artistic reading of a play by playwright Vitaly Karaban, director Andrei Novik and the Team Theater "How are you? In addition, the museum organized a crafts fair with master classes and a bright event for the Day of Belarusian Military Glory with the support of the Kastus Kalinouski Regiment.

We will publish the announcement of the next events to be held at the Museum in our telegram channel in the very near future.

Local government education

University of Warsaw
University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw, in cooperation with the Free Belarusian University, recruited students for a unique training program for specialists in self-government. Fifty Belarusians will receive free online training — lectures, exercises and, if possible, practice — under the guidance of Warsaw University teachers, and then they will confirm their new knowledge on tests and exams and eventually receive a diploma.

Graduates of the program will be able to apply their skills in building the system of self-government of New Belarus. Thus, there is no doubt that the program will be useful not only directly for the listeners, but for our Motherland as a whole.

Defeating the dictatorship is everyone’s responsibility. We propose to you:

  • to inform us if you have any information about those who have committed crimes against peaceful Belarusians, so that the perpetrators do not escape punishment;
  • to support us financially — NAU and the whole of Belarus need your participation very much;
  • to force authorities to disclose information to which you, as citizens, have a full right;
  • to help widen the exposition of the Museum of Free Belarus — if you have a potential item showing the struggle of our people for freedom, please write to our chat-bot @nau_by_bot. And be sure to participate in Museum events — it’s not only fascinating, but also free!

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