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Belarus is drawn into the war

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Deputy head of the NAM Vladzimir Astapenka on the channel "И Грянул Грэм" focused on the topic of the occupation of Belarus

In accordance with international law, a country that has provided its territory for the implementation of aggression is an accomplice and is considered as an aggressor.
Belarus was drawn into a war in which it initially had no interests. This fact will go down in the history books as an example of an absolutely thoughtless and short-sighted policy.

Lukashenka has already listed himself among the criminals, regardless of whether he sends ground troops into Ukraine or not. We have insider information that the morale in the Belarusian troops is not as high as it would like to be seen in the Russian headquarters. This increases the risk that Belarusian soldiers may surrender or defect to Ukraine.

The only rational explanation for the paradoxical situation in which Belarus found itself is the recognition of the fact of the occupation of the territory of our country by the Russian Federation. In the context of the complete failure of foreign policy, Belarus was drawn into the war without taking into account the opinion of the people, without appropriate legal decisions, without any historical, political or economic prerequisites.

In the future, a clear framework for information and propaganda work should be defined in order to exclude the encouragement of imperialism, chauvinism and aggressive plans to expand their territory.

As part of a unified strategy of pressure on the Lukashenka regime, democratic forces are bringing closer the moment when a new democratic government will be established in Belarus, which will be open to everyone and will be able to truly protect national interests.

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