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German investment funds may follow the example of their Danish counterparts and sell off Belarusian government bonds

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German and Luxembourgian media discuss the state of affairs with the funds' representatives.

"The EU and the US no longer recognise Lukashenka"

Here’s a summary of the articles published in four European press outlets, namely, Badische Zeitung, Luxemburger Wort, DIE RHEINPFALZ and Frankfurter Rundschau.

• Belarusian government bonds were purchased by German Deutsche Bank and Allianz as well as by Union Investment of Luxembourg. Currently, the German banks do not dismiss the possibility of selling off Belarusian Eurobonds, following the example of their Danish counterparts. Union Investment, on the other hand, claims to have sold the majority of its Belarusian govt. bonds, but not all.

•Maksim Adaskevich, a financial analyst from Duff & Phelps explained in his comment to a journalist of one of the above-mentioned publications that the $ 1.25 received by the regime from the bond sale could have helped Lukashenka stay in power, directly or otherwise. "The money," — the analyst believes, — "helped to alleviate the strain on the budget caused by the need to finance law enforcement activities".

• According to Pavel Latushka, the dictator’s sole concern is to stay in power by the means of repression. The regime, consequently, spends more and more public money on law enforcement.

We remind you that the National Anti-Crisis management continues its campaign against giving loans to the illegitimate government. The NAM does everything possible to stop the regime from further indebting Belarusians. Danish investment funds have already sold off their Belarusian assets, which caused a dramatic drop in price for the latter.

Internal pressure on the regime also continues. Everyone can participate by joining our 3-step 'ATM — Exchange — Bank' activity.

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