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"People's Constitution", People’s Draft Constitution: Explaining the Difference Between Terms in the Campaign for the Basic Law

Within the framework of the campaign on the platform *Honest choice around the new Basic Law of Belarus, several terms are used at once, containing the word "Constitution". To help you avoid confusion, here’s the difference between the two.

"People's Constitution" is the name of a campaign to discuss, develop and submit to a referendum the Basic Law with broad citizen participation. Such a Basic Law, according to which we all want to live and by which we will build New Belarus.

The draft Constitution of New Belarus is a version of the Basic Law, already prepared by the Public Constitutional Commission. It is available on the *Honest Choice platform and on the website.

The people’s draft of the Constitution is a document that we will create together based on the results of discussions and popular votes on the basis of the draft Constitution of New Belarus. It is submission to a referendum that we will ultimately seek for the whole country.

If adopted in a referendum, the people’s draft Constitution will become the Constitution of New Belarus.

You may ask: why is it necessary to send appeals to the Constitutional Commission with the requirement to ensure that the draft Constitution of New Belarus is submitted to a referendum, while the people’s draft of the Constitution is not yet ready? Explaining. On August 1, the Constitutional Commission will present to Lukashenka the draft prepared by it, and at that moment it should not have the opportunity to say that the Belarusians have no other proposals. The Commission should know that the Belarusians want to see at least two draft Constitutions at the referendum, which can then be finalized before the appointment of a republican referendum.

Your appeal to the Constitutional Commission will not mean that you will automatically vote for any of the versions of the Basic Law presented at the referendum.

Register on the platform *Honest choice, participate in the "People's Constitution" campaign — and together we will build a bridge to New Belarus through the adoption of a truly popular Basic Law.

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