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The German legal community supports lawyers and advocates in Belarus

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"Stop the prosecution". The German legal community supports lawyers and advocates in Belarus

The Berlin Bar Association, the German Association for Eastern European Studies and the German Federal Bar Association publicly supported Belarusian lawyers and advocates.

"The reports from Belarus show a disregard for the values of the rule of law, which clearly contradict the fundamental principles guaranteed by the state. We will monitor the situation of our Belarusian colleagues," the Berlin Bar Association said in a statement.

"There is a suspicion that the charges brought against them [the lawyers] are baseless and politically motivated. We are concerned and shocked by these developments. Such steps [amendments to the Law on the Bar] are designed to tie the Bar in Belarus even more closely to the Ministry of Justice. A democratic state governed by the rule of law, which grants its citizens the right to a fair trial and an independent defence, has no right to interfere either with lawyers' self-governance or with lawyers' work", stated the German Federal Bar Association in an open letter.

The Chamber of Lawyers calls for an end to the harassment and obstruction of lawyers and to refrain from the planned amendments to the Law on the Bar and the Legal Profession.

In March, Mikhail Kirilyuk, responsible for justice issues at the NAM, spoke at a conference of the German Research Association for Eastern Europe (DGO) on the legal position of lawyers in Belarus. Sergei Lagodinsky, a lawyer and member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Legal Committee, also spoke at the conference.

"In such a situation in which the rule of law in Belarus is now in - the legal profession cannot be a blank spot. Therefore, the answer to the question "what can we do to help Belarusian lawyers?" can only be: help change the authorities in Belarus", said Mikhail Kirilyuk during his speech.

The audience supported the position that the return of the rule of law to Belarus would be facilitated by Germany's tough stance on the Belarusian issue.

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