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"People's Constitution": the stage of collecting feedback from citizens is over - what next?

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About 1600 proposals, questions and comments regarding the draft Constitution of New Belarus came from citizens — we thank everyone! Now the campaign to create a popular draft of the Basic Law is drawing to a close.

Until September 27, the Public Constitutional Commission (PCC) will process all reviews. We remind you that they are entered and commented on in this table, where the status "Under discussion" means that the PCC working group has not yet made a decision on the relevant issue, "Accepted" - that the proposal will be taken into account in the people’s draft Constitution, and "Not adopted" - that it will be rejected; "Clarification" status is assigned to reviews that do not contain specific suggestions.

It is planned that the JCC will present an improved version of the draft Constitution of New Belarus — the same people’s draft of the Constitution — based on feedback, by October 4.

In the near future, we will continue to share with you the most curious reviews about the draft Constitution of New Belarus. Previous selections can be viewed here: one, two and three.

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