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What the police will be like in New Belarus: why we won’t copy the police reforms in Georgia and Ukraine

As everyone knows, it is better to learn from others' mistakes than from your own. Therefore, when developing and carrying out the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belarus, we will certainly take into account the experience of similar transformations in other countries.

As part of the presentation of the project on reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs today, we will examine how the police in Georgia and Ukraine have changed. Why did we choose these countries? First, they also inherited the problems that existed in the militia of the USSR. Secondly, the reforms were there not so long ago. And thirdly, we just have quite a lot in common.

What were the preconditions for revising the work of the MIA in Georgia and Ukraine? How did civil society participate in these processes? What worked for the authors of the transformations, and what — not so much? Why, in reality, the reform of the MIA in Georgia is not as successful as they say it is?

And most importantly: what conclusions should we draw from the reforms of the MIA in Georgia and Ukraine, should Belarus copy their experience?

You can read about all this on the website and learn from the video from Svetlana Khilko, head of the working group on reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the NAM.

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