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Sir Tony Blair opposes regime involvement in war

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is closely following the war between Russia and Ukraine and has thanked Pavel Latushko for his timely and useful briefing on the role of the Lukashenko regime in the military conflict.

As part of the "Putin's puppet, Alexander Lukashenko, must be punished" campaign, the People’s Crisis Group sent arguments and evidence of the Lukashenko regime’s complicity in the military actions against Ukraine to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been closely following the tragic events in the region, he agreed with the arguments presented by the NAU and is already taking steps to deter the Lukashenko regime from engaging in an active phase of the ground operation and escalating the conflict even further.

Sir Tony Blair described the appeal as timely and useful, and looked forward to receiving further information about the situation in Belarus from the NAU team.

The NAU team had previously received responses from former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

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