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How the regime “makes money” from fines

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Amusing numbers from the National Anti-Crisis Management

Taking money from Belarusians is one of the regime’s favorite ways of making money, along with begging for loans, selling off state property, and shady business schemes. A separate item of its income is provided by fines.

As follows from the structure of the Belarusian budget revenues, in 2021, the illegitimate government expects to receive at least 90 million Belarusian rubles (35.5 million USD in equivalent) through fines and penalties.

How many Belarusians could live off that kind of money according to official calculations? What amount of fines will be charged to each resident of the country this year? See below for details:

90 million BYN
(35.8 million USD) — this is how much money the regime wants to make on fines and penalties in 2021

Thus, the dictatorship plans to fine Belarusians:

  • 7.5 million BYN (2.96 million USD) monthly
  • 1.726 million BYN (687,000 USD) weekly
  • 246,000 BYN (98,000 USD) daily

Based on a national average fine of 10 base units [1 base unit = 29 BYN], this many residents would need to be fined to fulfill the plan:

  • more than 310,340 Belarusians in 2021
  • more than 25,860 Belarusians every month
  • more than 5,950 Belarusians every week
  • 850 Belarusians every day

90 million BYN equals to:

  • 3,103,448 base units — one for every third resident of Belarus
  • 342,375 average living wages — one for each resident of Brest
  • 225,000 minimum wages — one for each resident of Babruisk
  • 75,577 "net" average salaries* — one for each resident of Zhlobin
  • 64,996 nominal accrued average salaries* — one for each resident of Rechytsa
  • 325,662 minimum old-age pensions** — one for each resident of Orsha, Mazyr and Lida, taken together
  • 175,514 average old-age pensions*** — one for each resident of Baranavichy

* based on data from Belstat [National Statistical Committee of Belarus] for March 2021
** as of 1 May 2021
*** according to the Ministry of Labor for February 2021

In 2021, on average, each of the following will be fined:

  • a working person (not a security officer)* — 22.5 BYN
  • a resident of working age — 16.6 BYN
  • a resident of Belarus in general — 9.6 BYN

* based on the average estimate of the number of security officers

According to Viasna human rights center, since the beginning of 2021*, the illegitimate authorities have meted out fines in politically-motivated administrative cases:

  • 593 times
  • to at least 563 people
  • for at least 28,618 base units
  • or at least 829,922 BYN

However, Viasna has incomplete data for understandable reasons. That is, the actual figures for fines for political reasons are much higher.

* as of 7 June 2021.

According to our information, the regime is lagging behind the 2021 plan for fines and penalties. This means that we can assume that the countless army of assorted "controllers" will try to be even more zealous than usual to get into the pockets of Belarusians. All the more so, in the current state of a legal default.

But it is in our power to stop the lawlessness and repression against the Belarusian people, restore justice, and start living in a country where the economy does not rely on extortions.

We can also "fine" the regime. To this end, we call on all Belarusians to actively join the people’s sanctions.

P. S. Recently, we have also studied how the regime makes money from repressions.

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