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Stalinism = Lukashism. Pavel Latushka on denunciations and the map of traitors

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"Times of dictatorship, terror, and denunciations will be a history lesson for all of us — which we did not learn during Stalinism, but must learn now."

The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka commented on the publication of the "map of traitors" created by Cyber Partisans.

"As a citizen of Belarus and as a person — I can’t keep silent. Did those who called with denunciations to the so-called law enforcement agencies, understand the threat of their calls to those whom they denounced? I am sure that many, if not all, did."

"Now their names and identities are forever fixed on the "map of traitors" created by the Cyber Partisans. And as a human being, I can’t say they didn’t deserve it. And as a politician, I am sure that all criminals, regardless of status and occupation, will answer according to the law."

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