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The National Anti-Crisis Management has sent letters to EU ministers

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The NAM has appealed to European officials and structures to respond to violations of students' rights and illegal trials

On 14 May, a court session on the "Students' case" started, in which representatives of the illegitimate authorities accuse 12 people of coordinating student marches. Among the accused are 10 female and male students, one female teacher and one female graduate of a medical college.

More than 100 people came to the first court hearing to support those illegally detained. At one point, riot police began to disperse those gathered outside the court. According to the Interior Ministry, 14 people were detained. There are reports that the students who have been detained today near the court building are to be expelled from the universities — this information has not been confirmed yet.

Even EU diplomats have not been allowed to attend the session, although they are entitled to do so under the Vienna Convention.

The National Anti-Crisis Management has sent letters to the EU ministers responsible for education; to the Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission; and to the European Students' Union. In the appeals we ask to draw attention to the problem of violation of the rights of students and teachers in Belarus and to raise this issue with the relevant state and international bodies in order to take all possible measures.

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