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Rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Belarus

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More details and answers to initial questions

The NAM has recently developed and adopted a Concept of Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression. Recall that the document involves the release of defendants and convicts on political grounds, as well as assistance to victims. This topic is extremely important, so the NAM talks about it in more detail in the Q&A.

1) Isn’t it too early for such an initiative?

No. This is a reaction to numerous requests from Belarusians to the NAM. It is necessary to release the innocent from prisons and pre-trial detention facilities in the first minutes after the victory, and for this purpose — to present clearly the legal steps, the algorithm of actions. The sooner rehabilitation begins, the sooner the repressed will return to normal life and receive help, and the sooner the perpetrators of repression will be punished. And the more accurately we understand the extent of the abuse, the better we will be able to assess the necessary organisational and financial resources.

2) What are the legal grounds for rehabilitation?

The NAM lawyers and economists are already working to enforce them. We are not going to be like the regime and intend to follow the rules. The concept will form the basis of new regulations, which will allow rehabilitation to take place within a legal framework. To ensure that they are adopted as quickly as possible, we will prepare draft regulations for the Commission and the Fund in advance: mechanisms, procedures, decision-making criteria. And the basic tools for restoring rights are already in the CC and the CAO.

3) What would be the procedure for declaring a person repressed?

Anyone who considers himself or herself a victim of repression will be able to apply to the Commission in order to obtain such status and the right to rehabilitation and assistance. In order to avoid speculation and abuse, in order to determine the types and amounts of assistance and compensation, the Commission will analyse the information, collate the facts and make a decision. We are working to prepare as complete a set of documents as possible in advance. This will enable the Commission to take quick decisions. If there is insufficient information provided by applicants and already available to initiatives and human rights activists, the Commission will be able to involve the law enforcement agencies established in New Belarus in the process.

The concept of rehabilitation and the decision to approve the concept

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