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Vision on the Police Reform for New Belarus | Block 3

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What the police will be like in New Belarus: the "bottom-up" principle, democratic mechanisms, the place of OMON and Main Department for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption.

The root of most of the problems of today’s Belarus police is its structure.

Because of their centralised nature and lack of democratic mechanisms, the security forces are dependent on the political regime. Appointments to leadership positions are made by the will of a couple of individuals, not the people, with an emphasys to loyalty to the dictatorship rather than professionalism. The pervasive top-down principle prevents staff from improving the system on the ground. The MIA includes departments and divisions that have nothing to do with keeping law and order, while those who are legally obliged to fight terrorism disperse demonstrations.

In the draft reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of NAM, we revised both the organisational structure of the Belarusian police and the very nature of the relationship between units, departments, divisions and society.

How to ensure the independence of the regional police, which will be guided by the real needs of local residents and employees, and not by orders from the center? How much power should be given to chiefs of different levels? How to establish interaction and redistribute functions between district, regional and republican structures?

What contributes to corruption in the police now and how can it be tackled? What to do with OMON and the Main Department for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption after their atrocities against peaceful Belarusians? Are "Almaz" and "Alpha" KGB engaged in their own tasks in practice? How do we address today’s threats, particularly cybercrime?

We offer our version of the answers in the next section of the draft reform, devoted to its structural and functional aspect. You can familiarize yourself with the full text of the section on the website, and share your opinion through the feedback form at the same address, as well as the chatbot in Telegram. Join the debate!

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