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Moscow should understand that «arrogance is a poor substitute for expertise»

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The second discussion on the geopolitical choice for Belarus was held at the platform Expert Environment

We continue the series of debates within the framework of the "Expert Environment" platform.

The theme of the second discussion was "Integration processes within the framework of the Eurasian Union and CIS. The elaboration of a new policy towards Russia".

Taking part in the discussion were:

— Dmitry Mitskevich, analyst of Belarus Security Blog, a journalist of Belsat TV channel
— Valery Karbalevich, political analyst and journalist
— Vadzim Mozheiko, analyst of Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)
— Grigory Astapenia, Chatham House expert, director of research in Center for New Ideas
— Piotr Rudkowski, philosopher, academic director of BISS
— Dmitry Bolkunets, political analyst and expert in Russian-Belarusian relations
— Anatoliy Kotov, representative of the East-European Strategic Forum
— Kamil Klysinski, senior fellow at the Center for Eastern Studies

What did the experts discuss?

— What is the Commonwealth of Independent States?
— How does this format work?
— What is its connection to the CSTO and other integration formats?
— What are the results of the EAEC?
— What are the prospects for the Union State of Russia and Belarus?

To read the full text of the discussion, please follow the link

Expert Environment is a discussion platform created by the NAM with the participation of the Belarusian expert community.

The topic of the next discussion: "Prospects for building a partnership with the EU in the short and long term".

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