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How to enhance the effect of sanctions against a dictatorship

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By the way representatives of the regime get nervous and commit more and more insane acts, we can see that the pressure of Belarusians and sanctions are working. And we must continue — to free political prisoners, punish the guilty and hold new fair elections. You can bring this moment closer by sending us information about how the illegitimate government is trying to evade sanctions.

What data can be sent to help the sanctions be as effective as possible:

  • information on the change of owners or re-registration of enterprises subject to sanctions. Or about re-registration of companies owned by people under sanctions;

  • all available information about Belarusian companies under sanctions, which continue to trade with European companies through other firms, bypassing the sanctions;

  • data on the affiliation of persons under sanctions with Belarusian and other companies — so that people and companies responsible for human rights violations do not escape justice.

All data can be safely sent to the NAM @NAUsupport bot.

What is important is just your knowledge of the attempts of specific companies and people to avoid sanctions, as well as the documents confirming this. This is your contribution to the overall victory!

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