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We reveal who is behind the new repressive laws in Belarus

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Over the past few weeks, the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko has signed a number of laws aimed at intensifying repressions and further suppressing human rights and freedoms. A few more are expected.

Among other things, these laws mean that:
— the security forces will be able, at their discretion, to use military weapons and equipment against civilians as well as prohibit video and photo reporting of their actions;
— the independent press will not be able to broadcast live from protests, and it will be possible to shut down the media and block online publications via extrajudicial decisions;
— practically any form of disagreement with the actions of the illegitimate authorities will be interpreted as extremism;
— the internet can be turned off throughout the country, as they say, at the snap of one’s fingers;
— independent legal practice will virtually cease to exist;
— the notification principle for holding mass events will be abolished.

Behind all the laws are the people who initiated and prepared them, approved them by a vote, and handed them over to the dictator for signing. These are not only members of the Council of the Republic and members of the House of Representatives, but also employees of other state bodies. Interestingly, despite the demand of their illegitimate leader, not all of these people have indicated their involvement in repressive laws even within the internal documenting systems, hiding away not only from the people of Belarus but also from each other. But their names can be made public for them.

We have collected data on those thanks to whom lawlessness in Belarus will become a legal norm. The list includes several hundred people who contribute to repressions against 9.4 million residents of Belarus. These are the people who could have blocked anti-popular and anti-constitutional laws but did not do it, and thus committed malfeasance.

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