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Digest: September 6 - 19

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Campaign to reject Lukashenka, 1600 proposals for a People’s draft Constitution, the Economic Forum in Karpacz and a resistance program for the coming days

The NAM, together with Belarusians and foreign partners, continue to seek international non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government. Citizens sent more than 1600 comments on the draft Constitution of New Belarus, which will soon become a popular draft of the Basic Law. The NAM team held a number of events at the Economic Forum in Karpacz. These and other news of the last two weeks are in the cards.

And here is a program of resistance to the regime for the coming days, which will suit each of you:
  • sign a petition to the leadership of more than 40 countries of the world with a call to officially declare non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government;
  • participate in the "ATM-Exchange-Bank" promotion;
  • support the activities of the NAM and other democratic forces;
  • get ready with your colleagues for a strike;
  • together with other Belarusians and famous artists tell to UNESCO about the repressions in the Belarusian culture;
  • sign up for the Peramoga mobilization plan and involve your loved ones in it;
  • take part in the formation of the exposition of the Museum of Free Belarus by writing to the @NAUsupport chat bot to transfer your exhibit.

Non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government

The NAM campaign for the official non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government at the international level continues. As a reminder, we, together with Belarusians and foreign partners, including influential politicians and diplomats, are seeking official non-recognition of the dictator and his regime by the leadership of the EU countries, the USA, Great Britain, Canada and their allies in order to:
  • guaranteed to block access to IMF resources for the dictatorship and thereby block the regime’s ability to issue any securities on international markets, including the Russian one, and significantly hinder the possibility of interstate lending;
  • to recognize as legally null and void any of its international agreements, including integration agreements with Russia, that threaten the sovereignty of Belarus;
  • give the whole world the clearest signal possible: you cannot have any business with the Lukashenka government.

Non-recognition of the regime at the international level is the most effective way to turn it into legal and political zero and put it in economic isolation.

Non-recognition of Lukashenka

The petition of the Belarusian activist Masha Zabara to the leadership of more than 40 countries with a call to officially declare the non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government is gaining popularity. By the evening of September 20, about 6,500 people had already signed up to it, including the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka and other NAM participants. You can do it too.

In parallel, the NAM is actively working on non-recognition of the regime in the diplomatic and political field. In recent days, Pavel Latushka met with the Spanish Ambassador to Warsaw Francisco Javier Sanabria Valderrama and the Swedish Ambassador to Warsaw Stefan Gullgren. One of the main topics was precisely the international non-recognition of Lukashenka; in addition, the parties considered the issues of recognizing the regime as terrorist, the migration crisis and the beginning of the trade in political prisoners.

Another step towards the non-recognition of the Lukashenka regime and its recognition as terrorist is the legal conference in Nuremberg, which the NAM is preparing with the support of partners these days. Approved date of the event: October 11.

People’s Constitution

Almost 1600 opinions on the draft Constitution of New Belarus were sent to the Public Constitutional Commission (JCC) by citizens. These proposals, as well as the results of a recent poll on a number of provisions of the Constitution, in which about 8,400 people took part, will be taken into account in the People’s draft of the Basic Law, which the JCC plans to submit by October 4.

Thank you all for your participation and citizenship, and we urge you to continue to follow the news of the People’s Constitution campaign — it has not yet been completed. The most convenient way to do this is through the platform’s chatbots *Honest choice in Telegram and Viber, as well as on the website

Economic Forum

  • The NAM team attended the XXX Economic Forum in Karpacz (Poland), one of the key economic and political events in Central and Eastern Europe:
  • Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka met with representatives of the EU and the United States: Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Martin Przydach, EU Permanent Representative to Belarus Dirk Schuebel, US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fischer, Polish Ambassador to Belarus Artur Mikhalsky and Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees in Poland Christine Goer;
  • members of the the NAM held a working meeting with representatives of the Cabinet of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the Coordination Council and other democratic forces, where they discussed priority instruments of pressure on the Lukashenka regime;
  • The Head of the NAM spoke at the discussion panel on the topic "Alternative State", and also gave a number of interviews to Belarusian and foreign media such as DeutscheWelle (Germany), CBC Canadian (Canada) and TVN 24 (Poland).

Museum of Free Belarus

Among the exhibits recently transferred to the Museum of Free Belarus is the medal of the "disgraced" Belarusian athlete Kristina Timanovskaya: "silver" of the II European Games.
Earlier, Christina put up this medal at a charity auction in favor of the Sports Solidarity Fund. It was bought for $ 21 thousand by a native of Kiev, who lives in the USA, as a sign of support of the Belarusian people — and donated it to the Museum. "I am glad that the medal will become part of the exhibition of the Museum of Free Belarus and will be close to me. And one day we will return home together", commented Kristina Timanovskaya.
If you have a potential exhibit — any evidence of the struggle of Belarusians for freedom — for our Museum, please write about it to the @NAUsupport chatbot.

Cultural solidarity

Pavel Latushka and the leadership of the Polish ministries and cultural organizations have developed a number of steps to help repressed cultural workers from Belarus. The Zbigniew Rashevsky Theater Institute will soon announce a competition for an internship and a scholarship for Belarusian artists and theater staff. The program provides 30 places, the project will also be supported by the Polish Institute named after Adam Mickiewicz. In addition, the meeting discussed the support of Belarusian cultural workers within the framework of the GaudePolonia scholarship program.

The NAM also continues to work with UNESCO aiming at increasing attention to repressions against the cultural sphere in Belarus. The petition to the organization has already been signed not only by hundreds of Belarusians, but also by world-famous cultural figures.

Diplomats for New Belarus

The Center for Eastern European Studies of the University of Warsaw has begun recruiting for a new, second course of diplomats for New Belarus, organized by the NAM. The program will include analysis of the political situation in Belarus and other countries of the former USSR, theory and practice of politics and diplomacy, foreign and security policy, diplomatic protocol, international law and more. Classes start at the beginning of November.
The NAM expects that graduates of the diplomatic course will be able to take worthy places in the state administration of New Belarus. The first graduation of the course took place this summer.

Time to act together! The victory over the dictatorship is the deal of each of us.

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