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Delegates reported that they were forced to participate of the so-called All Belarusian People's Assembly

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From the very beginning, it was obvious that the majority of the delegates of the so-called All Belarusian People’s Assembly will be deputies of local councils, who choose themselves for this role. This is confirmed by the information sent daily to our feedback form.

There are also cases of nomination of delegates not from the deputy corps. But, as a rule, they are also "chosen" by deputies. Previously, we reported on the reasons for this.

But according to the Law on Assemblies, deputies do not have the right to choose each other or anyone else as delegates. This is an abuse of authority and an official malfeasance.
It is time to remind deputies whose interests they are obliged to represent, to whom they are responsible and accountable.

The NAM and *Honest people have prepared instructions and request templates with which you will be able to bring the deputies to justice:
1) Open the website of your local administration.
2) Remember or find out the name of your deputy in the section "representative power/deputies of the local council".
3) Send a group or individual appeal to the deputy with a request to refuse to participate in illegal actions. It is better to send appeals by regular mail to the address of the administration.

You can find the request templates at the link.

Send the deputies' answers to e-mail. They are required by law to answer you.

The list and contact details of all executive committees of Belarus can be found here.

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