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Peramoga mobilization plan: a set of actions for everyone who wants changes in Belarus

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The Peramoga plan of the ByPol-based Situational Analytical Center is a set of actions developed for every citizen of Belarus who registers in the chatbot. The chatbot of the Peramoga plan is a tool to carry out these actions in a massive, coordinated and one-time manner. The overall goal of the plan is to restore the rule of law in the country and return power to the people.

Important! The chatbot does not collect your sensitive personal data. You will not need to leave your phone number, mail, name and exact address. If you are asked for any of these data, then you have come across a fake, in no case leave your data there.

After collecting information through the chatbot the Situational Analytical Center, taking into account the number of participants, their resources and skills, will form a specific action plan for each group. Mass character is an important key to the success of the Peramoga plan, so everyone can tell their friends, neighbors and acquaintances about it.

It is a way to use shared forces effectively and responsibly so that everyone can complete a task and be useful at the right time. On the website you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Peramoga plan. Don’t forget to use a VPN.

Join the Peramoga plan and tell other residents of Belarus about it!

Telegram-bot of the Peramoga plan
Plan website
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