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Poll on controversial issues of the draft Constitution of New Belarus

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The Constitution is the document that acquires significance only if all citizens of our country agree with the rules set out in it and are ready to live strictly in accordance with them.

Without our agreement to these rules, even the most wonderful constitution is no more important than a crossword magazine.

The regime is now trying to create a new version of the Constitution for the needs of people who still consider violence to be the most effective form of legal relations. But the rules of the country, which are not accepted by its citizens, cannot be turned into the Basic Law.

No one, except us, can decide what role the president should have in our country, whether our country needs the chambers of parliament that we do not elect and who should appoint ministers and judges. Because we are the sovereigns of our country, no one except us is able to create a Constitution that will really become the main document of Belarus, and not just another fiction.

We invite you to join the survey on the most controversial issues of the draft Constitution of New Belarus on the platform *Honest Choice. It is anonymous and secure.

Vote, do not hesitate to ask questions and involve friends, acquaintances and relatives in the survey. The results of this poll will be taken into account while preparing the final version of the draft Constitution of New Belarus.

The poll will take place from 23 to 27 August in the platform’s chatbots *Honest choice in Telegram and Viber. Register if you haven’t already:

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