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Appeal to the customers and employees of Belarusian banks

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The United States has renewed sanctions against Belarusian enterprises. The European Union has closed its air space for Belarusian aircrafts. On the borders with Belarus, rallies are being held demanding the EU to speed up the introduction of the largest sanctions in the history of our country. On the agenda was the issue of recognizing Lukashenka’s regime as terrorist. In Europe discussing the possibility of disconnecting Belarusian banks from the SWIFT system and closing their correspondent accounts.

This is a painful blow to the already crumbling financial stability of the dictatorship, and money is badly needed to stay in power. Their source can become banks, in whose possession, despite the massive outflow of funds, there are significant amounts belonging to the Belarusians.

Keeping savings in Belarusian banks was risky before. Since August, they have had liquidity problems. There are known cases of loss of valuables from bank cells. Now, the prospect that banks will soon be completely unable to fulfill their obligations to customers is becoming more real. And because of the relationship with enterprises that have already come under sanctions and will not be able to pay off loans. And because of the unwillingness of third parties to finance Belarusian banks due to the illegitimacy of the authorities.

We would like to address the clients of Belarusian banks. It’s not too late to save your savings. Withdraw money from cards, convert them into currency, before the regime imposed restrictions on currency transactions. Take the deposit from the bank urgently: the risks far exceed the modest income that you are promised. By saving your money, you will also accelerate the fall of the regime and, as a result, stabilize the political and economic situation in the country.

Here we turn to bank employees. Like all Belarusians, you can bring closer the day when the dictatorship will give way to democracy and the country will be able to start developing, and not continue to slide into the abyss. Go on a full-fledged or "Italian" strike, on sick leave or vacation. Do not prevent clients from withdrawing funds. Remember: when banks find themselves in a critical situation, you can still lose your job, and the longer the crisis lasts, the worse it will be both for you personally and for the whole country.

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