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Raising money for a legal conference in Nuremberg

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You can help us hold a legal conference in Nuremberg on October 11

The National Anti-Crisis Management will hold a legal conference in Nuremberg. It is needed to sum up the results of the year of legal resistance to the regime, and then to approve the most effective plan of action, which will help to increase the pressure.

Experts from Poland, Lithuania, France, Ukraine, Belgium, England and other countries have already confirmed their participation. Victims of the regime’s repression will talk about their experience of applying for universal jurisdiction. At Nuremberg, Belarusian and international human rights activists will read reports on torture and other repressions in Belarus.

We are continuing to raise funds to help organize the conference via PayPal. The transfer is safe and takes only a few minutes.

Everyone’s contribution can make a difference in the struggle for a New Belarus!

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